We are licensed and accredited private investigators based in Melbourne available to investigate for you. Our work is predominantly finding people or things. We make our best effort to get the result you want. We usually succeed.

We believe this is because of our motive to make people happy when we find that missing person, that loved one, for a client.

Through our own life experience and history we have learned compassion and empathy for people. We understand loss. And we understand human nature. We trust in karma. We always aim to help you. No guarantee of success, but a guarantee to be honest and fair in our dealings with you.

Please feel welcome to email or call us. We are happy to have a chat and listen to your need and carry out an investigation and a reasonable cost.



TTD Seach Security


We investigate to find your missing loved one, family and friends. We locate persons for almost any valid and lawful reason. We find missing persons anywhere in Australia or overseas. We have many contacts in the Asia-Pacific region and particularly in Vietnam and the Vietnamese communities. We also have contacts and associates in north America.


We investigate on behalf of companies, organisations or businesses especially retailers. If you have concerns about the conduct of your operation, misuse or abuse of monies or people, we will investigate by various methods including undercover methods. We always investigate lawfully and with due regard for your best legal interest.

People are our business


We are based in Melbourne, Australia and routinely cover all of Victoria, however, we can travel to any location in Australia subject to your approval and circumstances of the missing persons case.


We speak Vietnames and have a close understanding of the culture and traditions of Vietnam.


Through associates and connections in South-east Asia, the Pacific regions and north America, we can investigate whether by our own travel to the locations or using associates.

There is hardly a pain greater than not knowing what happened to a loved one. We understand this pain and it drives us to do our best to bring you knowledge and relief. What is he/she doing tonight? Roaming the streets? Anxious? Hurt? Speak to us and let's see if we might be able to help